RM Irrigation Machines


PROFESSIONAL HOSE-REEL IRRIGATOR Hydraulic turbine with shuttered flow and built-in by-pass: It guarantees continuous operation without tearing even when the water contains considerable impurities. Constructed without filters, there is minimum loss of pressure, enabling even cess pool contents to be sprayed. Operations: all motor reduction units are closed in a oil-bathed case patend RM on which the driving levers are placed. Turbine mounted on the gearbox (4 speeds). Directional device: over the entire 360° area to make positioning and mechanical lifting device of trolley. Power take-off: it allows the hose to be rewound quickly with the tractor. Automatic stopping: end of run, independent of water passage, which allows irrigation to continue even after stopping, so as to create a line depression through a supplementary-valve to stop the pumping unit. Wheeled sprinkler trailer: with variable trak, supplied with skids or wheels. zinc-plated. Meter-counter: a tachymeter calibrated in ml/h makes it possible to check the hose s re-entry speed at any moment. Automatic speed: as juster: for a constant winding in speed.

Available models